Erin and Her New Neighbor

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Erin and Her New Neighbor

Erin is a 42 year old high school /teacher/">teacher. She is not married although she has been close a time or two. During theschool year she is a proper, professional teacher who expects discipline in her classroom and from herself. She appears to be rather plain looking, not wearing much makup or trendy clothes. She pretty much goes unnoticed during the school year and thats the way she prefers it. 

There is 2 weeks to go before summer vacation and Erin is starting to think about all the fun she is going to have. She leaves school on Friday and starts her weekend which is going to be dedicated to getting ready for the summer. She pulls up in front of her townhouse and sees a moving van which is unloading boxes into the unit next 

to hers. "Humm", she thinks to herself, "wonder who will move in now?" She heads inside and sexxxx video ful hd starts to change into her relaxing clothes. She removes her clothes quickly, unsnapping her 
bra and dropping her panties to the floor. She stands before the mirror at the end of her bed and looks at her nude body. She is in very good shape, flat stomach, lovely hips and tanned skin. There is not a tan line anywhere, thanks to the tanning bed she has in her basement. 

The cool air makes her nipples stiffen and she smiles at herself in the mirror. Its time to start getting her "summer stuff" out of the closet. She opens the door and pulls out the clothes she enjoys during the hot summer months. Still nude, she startsopening the boxes and removes the sexy shorts, mini skirts, tank tops and tight fitting jeans as well as the silky blouses she loves so much, especially when she wears them without a bra. She pulls one of thebouses out to hang it up but first she puts it on, feeling the cool silk on her body, especially her ever hardening nipples. She rubs the material over her breasts, being slow at her nipples. She pinches them through the fabric and it sends a shudder from her breasts down to her pussy. She lays back on the bed and moves her hands all over her chest. Her pussy is wanting to be touched so /bad/">bad, and she is never one to deny herself pleasure. She pulls a pillow up and leans back so she can see herself in the mirror. Pulling her knees up she lets her hand wander to her pubic hair where she lightly rubs her fingers through the red bush. She feels her pussy getting wetter and wetter so she moves her finger to the slit, letting it enter ever so slightly. Now she runs her finger up and down theopeing, getting her finger wetter and wetter. Now she sends her soaked finger to her clit and lightly rubs it, letting out a high pitched whine as she feels her clit respond to her touch. But she decides to make her clit wait a bit longer and drives one then two fingers into her pussy. It feels so good to have her hole rammed even by her two little fingers. She finger fucks her pussy for a bitand the wetness and her fingers combine to make that unmistakable sound that just makes xxx sex video download free com her go faster and harder. When she can go no more she moves her fingers to her mouth and sucks them until she has all of her juices into her mouth. She thinks how wonderful it is to suck a /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock after it has been in her pussy. She loves to suck her juices so much she wonders if maybe she craves another womans pussy. She begins to fantasize about Jill, another teacher she is very hot and acts the part every day. She imagines Jill laying next to her, each of them touching each others pussy. Then she imagines rolling over and sucking Jills nipples then moving to her pussy. By now Erin is rubbing her clit faster and faster at the thought of eating her collegues pussy. She is moaning and sighing, raising her ass off the bed and she now has 2 fingers from one hand deep in her pussy while she rubs her clit with the middle finger of the other hand. She looks at her reflection in the mirror and grins at the sight of her pussy fingered and her clit being rubbed. She removes her fingers from her /hole/wet-hole/">wet hole and puts them to her lips. She watches herself slowly lick each finger with the tip of her tongue then ease both fingers into her mouth. Her other hand still rubbing her clit as she feels the muscles tighten in her pussy. Throwing her head back on the pillow she starts to cum. She rubs herself faster as her orgasm builds. Then she slows and lets the feeling wash over her body. As her cum subsides she drives her fingers deep into her pussy and holds them there and her orgasm slowly ends. 

She sits up in her bed and crosses her legs, "Fuck that was nice" she says toherself, thinking that she could easily just roll over, get her /toys/">toys out of her drawer and play the rest of the afternoon. Without even thinking about it her hand wanders to her pussy again and she ponders why she is having that /fantasy/">fantasy more and more, where she takes Jill and they lick and finger each other over and over. /cock/love-cock/she-loves-cock/">she loves cock, sometimes really craves it, that is why she loves the summer so much. She can dress and act as she wants and no one notices. She has run intofamilies at the mall that she knows from school, even other teachers and they do not recognize her at all. It is the advantage of being an ol "Plain Jane" at school. While sheoccasionally has sex with her gentleman friend of the month, it is usually very mild and often she doesnt even cum. The one or 2 teachers she has dated have been good lovers but she dare not let go as she would like. She didnt want anyone at school to know of her "hobby" which was SEX. She loved it and there wasnt much other than pain that she didnt like. 

She smiles and notices that she is still very wet, "oh what the fuck" she says and leans over to open the drawer in the table next to her bed. In it are a a number of "toys", vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, beads and of course an ample supply of lubricant. Just as she picks out the one she will play with she hears the doorbell. "Shit" she says quietly and throws on an old baggy pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt. She kisses the dildo on the tip of the head and whispers, "dont go away, Ill be right back." She heads to the door and finds a woman standing there who says, "Hi, I am your new neighbor, my name is Nadia." Erin introduces herfelf as well and 
invites her in. They chit chatted a bit and she found out that Nadia was "newly single" having just been divorced and moved here to get a new start. She was taking the summer off before starting a new job. Nadia was tall, blonde and had a killer body, her milky white skinwas lovely. Nadia said she had to get back to unpacking and just wanted to say hi. Erin told her that once school was out she could take her around and show her the best shopping and things to do. Nadia said, "Super, it will take me about 2 weeks to get all this shit straightened out anyway, then Ill be ready for some fun." 

Later that afternoon she found one of her sex buddies on the internet. They had met a couple of years ago via Instant Messaging and after a year of chatting she decided to take a chance and meet him. This lead to 6 or so "meetings" where the sex was real good and often lasted the night. After her fun earlier she was in need of some hard cock so she agreed to meet Jake, as usual at a motel that was about half way between their homes. The 90 minute drive wasnt too bad especially since Jake enjoyed many of the same things that she did. About 6:00 PM she headed out for the meeting.