Helping Out a Friend

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Helping Out a Friend

She arrived at five o'clock and rang the doorbell. I opened the door and my pussy instantly started to sweat...

My boyfriend and I had started getting bored with the usual sexual activities. We tried everything: missionary, me on top, me on a chair, fruit, ice cubes, body fudge, the works. Finally Tim suggested a threesome. I instantly snapped. I'm not giving in to that! I refuse to ever have sex with another woman! I'm not gay! All that stuff... But I realized, the more I looked at /lesbian/lesbian-porn/">lesbian porn online while Tim was sleeping, that I might want to try some pussy-licking. I told Tim about this and after shaking off his disbelief, was euphoric. I asked him who he'd like to involve in our sexual meddlings and he left it all up to me. That's when I thought of Cherry.

Cherry is my /friend/best-friend/">best friend from college. She was always the class slut, but I never judged her. She had boyfriends since she was old enough to have pubic hair for them to suck on. I was envious, but I knew someday I would find the one who was right for me. And I found Tim. I knew Cherry was straight, but hell, everyone is bi-curious at least once in their life, so I figured I'd call her on it. Cherry, by the way, has white-/blonde/">blonde hair, 38C boobs, curvy thighs, a /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass, and long, slender legs that go up to her neck. I am a /brunette/">brunette, also with 38C boobs, long slender legs, and a LOT of junk in my trunk.

I called Cherry earlier this afternoon and told her what Tim and I had decided to do. I explained that I was a little nervous, since this would be my /first-time/">first time and all and asked her not to be angry with me for asking or to stop being my friend, but that she was the only person I could trust to do this with. She giggled and said "no problem." and in a more husky tone, "I'd be glad to help." I thanked her and she said she'd be over in an hour. My lace panties damp, I /hung/">hung up the phone.

So now I'm staring at her in my doorway, one of her hands balancing herself on the frame. She's wearing a tight red sweater that's unbuttoned to the second button, exposing some massive cleavage that is obviously being supported by a push-up bra. She's also got on a black mini-skirt and heels to match and I can't help but wonder if she has on any /underwear/">underwear.

"Come on in," I tell her and smile. She does and asks, "where's Tim?" I say, "he should be in the bedroom getting ready." As if on cue, Tim emerges, fully dressed.

"Hey, what's up?" I ask, "you're not ready?"
"I know, I'm not bokep sma pecah perawan participating."
Cherry asks, "why not?"
Tim grins and holds up a videocamera.
"Because I'll be videotaping. This will be nice to watch when my Kerri's not home."
Cherry and I look at each other and giggle like school girls.
"Okay," we say in unison.

Tim pulls up a chair and sits down, positioning the camera on the kitchen table. "Whenever you girls are ready," he says.

Cherry comes closer to me and asks, "so how do you want to do this?" She unties the string holding my top together and it falls open, revealing my purple lace push-up bra. My breasts squeeze together like two oranges.

"I-I'm not exactly sure. I've never done this before. I can tell you I'm really hot right now, though."

"Ahh...lucky for you...I have." Cherry's voice is so seductive and husky, I have to remind myself to breathe.

"Really, when?"

"College. I experimented a lot in college. How about we stop talking now? Okay?"

I laugh nervously and take a deep breath. "Okay".

Cherry leans in and encircles her hands around my waist. I hold her waist, also, unsure of how far to go right now. She bites my lower lip and sucks it into her mouth lightly and I feel my pussy dampen my panties. I lightly force my tongue into her mouth and she plays with it, rolls it around in circles...sucks it into her mouth. I feel her damp warmth coat my taste buds. I open my eyes as I hear a zipper come down. Tim's hand is in his pants and is rubbing is cock in small circles.

He says, "No baby, don't watch me. Just play."

I smile and reach up under Cherry's hair, pulling her mouth in deeper. Our tongues begin to roll faster and faster around inside our mouths. I can't take the anticipation anymore and, feeling a bit braver now, slide my hand up the inside old waman xxxgx of Cherry's thighs to see if she's wearing underwear. I find moist, warm, wet labia and I moan. She pushes me down onto the kitchen floor, moaning with me, unable to wait any longer. She keeps kissing me and moves down to my neck, sucking the flesh up into her mouth. I moan and arch my hips, desparate for penetration. Her hand pulls off my bra cup and fondles my breast, pinching the nipple into a hard little bud.

"Ouch," I say quietly.

"Ouch? Let me make that feel better, sexy." she says as she pulls my nipple into her teeth and coats it with her saliva.

"Come here," I tell her and pull her up into a sitting position on my stomach. I rip her blouse open, pulling off a few buttons and lunge for her breasts. I release them from their cups and suck the nipples deep into my mouth.

"Hold on a second," she says, "hold on." She climbs off me and I can't stop touching her. I slide my hand up her thigh and drive two fingers into her sopping /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy.

"AH!" she screams out and begins to grind on my fingers. The skin pulling tight around her thighs as her ass bends down further to sheath my fingers deeper into her pulsating, /cunt/hot-cunt/">hot cunt. She grabs a dildo from her purse and tells me to stop.

"Don't worry, it'll only be a second."
"Don't keep me waiting any longer. I've been dying to fuck you since Freshman year."

She slips on the dildo and I mount her. With a deep moan and a forceful thrust, I'm riding her, face to face, my breasts brushing up against hers, the nipples tensing into buds as they meet. I glance over at Tim and his face is twisted up in ecstacy as he strokes his shaft, closer to orgasm. Cherry pulls me back to look at her with a "come on baby, /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder. You know you want to come. Come for Cherry, baby. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

"You first," I say and dig three fingers in her cunt where the dildo straps separate.

"OH MY GOD!" She screams and we both begin to fuck like mad, driving our hips deeper into each other. Finally, Tim says, "fuck it," and pulls down his jeans just enough to release his cock. He mounts me from behind and drives his dick in deep enough in my ass that I can feel my G-spot from both sides. "Oh, yea, oh, YEA!" Cherry screams, bucking underneath me like a wild animal. Tim is pounding me so hard I can barely see Cherry's face as she bites her lip and arches her hips into an explosive orgasm. I feel Tim's hot juices splash into my ass as I drip mine down Cherry's dildo, riding out the last waves of my orgasm.

"That was fun. We should definitely do that again sometime." Tim said.

"Baby," I say, looking at an exhausted, naked Cherry, "that's the best idea you had all year."