Best mates mom and daughter

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Best mates mom and daughter

Everyone goes through a phase as a teenager of being attracted to a more /women/mature-women/">mature women. My best mates mom Jane was that attractive older woman. She was nicley tanned, curvy and with /brunette/">brunette hair. Her breasts were large and im not an expert on sizes but they were like big melons!! The added bonus was that my best mates sister, Laura, had grown up into a younger version of her mom with all the similar attributes.
As it was not unusual at our age i stayed round Chris' (my best mate)for the weekend. His dad had gone away for the weekend on business and me and chris had planned a weekend of sport and computer playing. The friday night all four of us sat down for dinner (me, Chris,Laura & Jane). Small talk was made through out dinner however most of my attention was aimed at staring at the womens breasts. It must have been obvious however the night progressed until me and chris went to bed in his room. He was out like a light and i really needed the toilet so i left the room and made the trek across the hall to the toilet. However i heard voices coming from Lauras room, it was her and Jane. The door was slightly ajar so i peered in curiously.
"I think my breasts are too big for my bra mom."
"You are probably right, come on let me have a feel im quite good at measuring bra sizes" replied Jane
I couldnt help but get aroused as Jane lent over to her /daughter/">daughter and squeezed her naked breasts.
"They are about the same size as mine" said Jane, who then removed her top revealing her braless breasts to her daughter. I couldnt help but put my hand down my boxers and begin to toss myself off at this beautiful site.
"Feel my breasts to se if they are the same size as yours" said Jane.
I stared intently as Laura tentatively cupped her moms left breast with her right hand. Laura was nervous and shaky and as a result accidently brushed her moms nipple. Jane let out a little gasp of pleasure.
"You aree supposed to tweak my nipples with thumb and forefinger if you want to see them erect" said Jane.
I was shocked by what she said however Lauras reaction made me stiffer than ever.
Laura put her hand on her moms nipple and rolled it between thumb and forefinger. Jane was breathing heavy as her daughter learnt forward and took her moms now erect nub between her teeth. This was exceeding my wildest /fantasy/">fantasy.
"Mom im feeling damp in my panties"said Laura
"Let me have a good look then"said Jane.
Laura slid down her white cotton panties and lay down on her bed. Jane removed all her clothing, her /gorgeous/">gorgeous curves were there for all to see.
"Your dripping wet already dear" said Jane"Looks like it needs a lot of attention"
Laura little out a moan as her mom delved between her daughters legs and began to lick her out.
"Maybe David would like to full hd xvideo download help me out, he cant have a very good view from their can he Laura?" said Jane.
I was shocked that they had noticed however i knew i couldnt miss this opportunity. i walked in with my boxers tenting out in front of me.
"Well who is this horny little chap" said Jane" I hoped you'd find us like this, Laura didnt know but i had it pretty well planned out. I noticed that you were staring at both of our titties at the dinner table, that made me feel so horny."
Laura had now sat up and was sliding her hand over her moms damp snatch.
"She is a randy little bitch aint she David?" said Jane, I nodded.
Jane removed her daughters gooey hand from her snatch licking it clean of her own juices.
Laura bent down and removed my cock from my tenting boxers.
"What a wonderful cock we have here, id say 7 to 8 inches long and nice and thick" Jane said licking her lips.
I then felt her warm soft lips engorge my cock completely, her tongue ran all the way up to the tip of my cock and down again. It was not long before i felt my cock starting to expand. I warned Jane what was about to happen.
"Laura get over here and taste what a mans all about" said Jane removing her lips from my member.
Laura almost leapt from her bed and she took the place of her mom at the foot of my cock. Her lips tentatively touched my cock as she took it in about half way. I was already there as i held her head firmly to my cock and filled her mouth with my seed. She swallowed quite a lot however her mom knelt down in front of her and kissed her passionately whilst taking my cum remains from her daughters mouth.
"I want you to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard" Jane proclaimed as her and her daughter intertwined in a 69position. Both were licking eachother furiously, Laura was like a duck to water and had her mom at the brink of orgasm in seconds.
My cock was now almost back to full hardness watching these two really going for it. Jane noticed this and rolled off her daughter in anticpation of my fucking.
I wanted Jane on top so i could see those tits bouncing up and down. I laid there on the bed as Jane squatted over my cock. Her pussy hair was almost /tickling/">tickling my cock. She then sat down firmly on my cock.
"Ooooohhhh my your cock is so nice inside my you horny little boy"Jane moaned as she rode on top of me. Fuck she was sooo hot, her juices were visibly running down my cock as in and out it disappeared into her warm juicy pussy. I was in heaven however it got better as Laura stuck one of her juicy breasts in front of my face. I licked and sucked her nipple whilst she fingered herself. She then like her mother, squatted over me, with her pussy in my face. My nose rubbed against her clit, as she rocked back and forth over my tongue which was giving her a good going over.
Jane had climaxed and rolled off my cock. Id gained a bit of stamina to hold off my orgasm.
"Oooohhh mommy that hurts" cried out Laura.
Jane had seen her daughters ripe little puckered arsehole wide open whilst her pussy was in my face. Jane had lent over and jammed 3 fingers up her daughters back passage.
"You will get used to it dear because David is going to give it a good going over" said Jane.
"But i want him in my pussy!!" Laura scolded back.
"You will save your pussy until marriage my dear" said Jane sternly" and plus you will find it a wonderful experience having your arse filled to the brim with a nice young /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock."
I wasnt going to complain as Laura stepped off my face and bent over on all fours on the bed. Jane now lent over her daughter licking her puckered hole and applying a couple of fingers to loosen her up. Laura was now moaning uncontrolably and was using one free porn movies download of her hands to pleasure her pussy.
Jane moved away from her daughters behind and sat infront of her daughter offering her her pussy. Lindas pussy hair was matted and dripping in juices as her daughter began licking her /mom/moms-pussy/">moms pussy for not the 1st time that night.
I now positioned myself behind Laura, using both my hands to spread her beautiful cheeks apart. I nudged my cock head against her back hole which was providing tough resistance. I could hear Lauras muffled cries between her moms legs as her rim relented and i was able to push a couple of inches into her.
"Fuck me you are so tight you little bitch" I cried out.
"Go on push it all the way in"said Jane as she watched me lustfully push my cock to the hilt in her daughters anal back passage.
It sounded as though Laura was crying as i pistoned slowly in and out of her /hole/anal-hole/">anal hole. However it gradually turned to moans as i worked my way to my climax. Her arse was gripping my cock so tightly as i felt my cock expand inside her and dump her full of cum. I was drained as i pulled my cock from her behind. My juices ran down from her arse down the back of her legs. Jane had now come round to view this wonderful site.
As she licked Lauras arse clean from all the mess she said "You'll have to visit more often!!!"