Lesbian school girls part 2

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Lesbian school girls part 2
    We moved into Sarahs /mom/">moms bedroom, taking off what little remaining clothes
we had left on. Sarah satdown on the bed and I moved between her legs, facing
her and continued lickingand sucking her nipples, moving my hand between her
legs and fingering her pussywhile I did. I had never touched another girl this way
before, and found that slidingmy fingers in and out of dripping pussy was very arousing.
I wanted to move down andtry this with my tongue. 

    I kissed down her belly and licked around her thighs for a moment and then
began moving my tongue insmall slow circles on her clit. I could feel her squirming
forcing her pussy into mytongue farther as she moaned and played with her nipples.
I ran my hands over thesoft skin of her thighs and ass as I worked my tonue in and out
of her pussy and aroundher clit. I was moving faster now and she was grinding her
hips with me and holdingthe back of my head with both hands pushing me further inside
her each time. My own pussywas dripping wet by now and I couldnt wait xxx for her
to cum so she could do thisto me. She grabbed a handful of my hair pushing my face 
down between her legs asshe moaned loudly and I could feel her /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum almost
squirting out. I lickedup most of her cum and continued on her clit until she settled back
down from her orgasm. 

    As soon as I quit sucking her clit she grabbed my hand and led me to theedge of the
bed where she knelt downin front of me, putting one of my legs over her shoulder,
and began licking my clitand rubbing my legs and thighs gently. She porn videos download worked her
tongue in circles on myclit as I had done and after only a few minutes I began cuming
as she sucked harder andmoaned trying to keep me cuming. I had never had an orgasm
like that before. It wasseveral minutes before I was able to breathe and talk to her.
We decided next time wedsee what kind of fun we could have with her moms strap-on
dildo we had found in hercloset....