Tales of a Male Stripper

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Tales of a Male Stripper

I'm Rex a long time , I usually do bachelorette parties, which are pretty tame, just thrusting my cock in womens faces including the bride to be, sometimes I even get a cheeky handjob off of one of the bridesmaids but it never goes further than that. Until one night...

I thought it was a normal , for a bride called Jess, she was 19 years old and was getting married the next day. I rang the bell and was greeted by one of her drunk bridesmaid. A smoking hot 18 year old wearing a short, low cut red dress. I went in and set up my music in the middle of a circle of 7 , including Jess.

I started my act by removing my top and letting the girls lick whipped cream off my 6 pack. Then off came my trousers leaving me in just a g-string. At this point the girls were begging me to take it off and whip my cock out, and so I obliged. I ripped of the g-string revealing my 10 inch cock.

The looked amazed and the girl I had met at the door was the first to motion for my amazing package. She first felt it up but then she wrapped her moist lips round it. This was something that I hadn't experienced on the job before but I welcomed it.

She removed it and I carried on my dance, then came something I wasn't xnxxv sunny leone video expecting Jess grabbed my cock and also rammed it in her mouth. I couldn't believe she was cheating on her fiance. I thought that the night couldn't get any crazier but I was wrong.

Jess got real forced anal against her will up and started doing a striptease herself. She was down to her bra and knickers, her breasts were amazing, at least 34D in size. She unclipped her bra and her beautiful tits were revealed. Next off came her knickers revealing her bald cunt. The sight was amazing and I was extremely hard.

Then I became dissapointed because the bridesmaids blindfolded me, I didn't know what happened next, but after a few minutes they guided me over to the sofa and moved my body forwards. My cock then entered what was unmistakably the warmth of a . I couldn't believe it I was being whored out.

I could picture the thrill was getting out of watching one of her friends being plowed by a stranger. I wanted to get the blindfold off to see if it was the red dress stranger that greeted me, I was hoping it was. Eventually they agreed to take the blindfold off. They removed it slowly to reveal the shocking sight off my cock inside of the bride to be.

I was amazed that Jess was allowing me inside of her but she was loving it. I was close to cumming and of course I didn't want to get her , so I went to pull out, but I felt Jess holding me in. She wanted my cum inside her, and so I obliged spewing my inside her amazing .

I found out a few months later that she was pregnant with my child but pretended to her husband that it was his.