My New Years Climax

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My New Years Climax

This is not a true Story.

It all started with my friend Emily asking me to come over to her house for New Years. It was a little harmless fun so why not. I did know that she was Bi but I never thought that she would have a thing for me until the very night.

We Partied for a while then we drank and watched the ball drop. It was fun but it was getting late. I called home but no one answered, and that ment I didnt have a ride home. Emily offered to let me stay and I agreed.

It was time for us to go to bed and I sort of questioned us sleeping in the same bed, but she said it was fine. Ididn't mind. We lay down side by side just talking for a couple minutes. Then I felt her arm wrap around mystomach. At first I thought she was a wild sleeper, like I am. Nut she thought milf porn videos differently.
She rolled me over onto my back and told me that it would be more comfortable with her laying on top of me. Thats when I got aroused. For the /first-time/">first time ever. I never thought that I could be attracted to another girl. But I was! 

She was very small and I liked that. She laid down on my chest and looked up and gave me a small peck on the lips then slid her tounge into my mouth. Our tounges danced in each others mouths for a little while. Then I slid my hands down to her thighs and she jumped. I could tell that Emily was very aroused. Iwasn't sure if I should continue with what I was doing so I asked her "Do you want me to?" And she answered me with a "Yes."

I slid my hands into her panties and caressed her /ass/small-ass/">small ass. I felt her perk upand I think she was enjoying it. I removed my hands from her panties and lifted her up off of my breastswhich were crushed in between us both. I told her to take her shirt off and she did. Then she took my shirt off and fondled my breasts. I pressed my wet and eager lips to her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. She pressed blowjob porn videos harder and told me to suck her harder. So I did! Our breathing became very loud and I knew she was on the verge of a mild /climax/">climax. 

I flipped her over onto the bed and pulled her pants and panties away from her. Emily lay there naked and open to my every touch. She spread her legs wide open so I could easily slip in between them. I got down and pressed my wet tounge to her vagina and started off licking her slowly. Then I felt her hands grab my head and push me harder into her pussy. The smell was beautiful. I knew she wanted it so I licked her harder and harder. She became very wet indeed.
I reached up and started to squeeze her breast I felt her jump some more. I knew she was enjoying it. I removed my tounge slowly from her /hole/wet-hole/">wet hole. I took two of my fingers amd inserted them into hergently, waiting for her to clamp down on them. She climaxed right there. She needed more so I started to flick my fingers back and forth inside her. She grabbed the headboard of the bed and rammed herself down on my rampaging fingers. She screamed with a rebel yell. I was so aroused I came up to her and kissed her on her soft trembling lips. We slid out tounges into each others mouths and our tounges danced and danced. I licked every inch of her breast until they were dripping wet. 

I sat her up on my two fingers still inside her. Then I felt her moving up and down on my fingers. It was so wet Icouldn't resist. I removed my fingers and propped her on the side of the bed withher ass and /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy in the air. I got down and started to finger her ass. It was soo good. While I fingered her I slipped my tounge back into her pussy and licked her dry. But as soon as I had licked her dry she climaxed. She cummed a great deal in my mouth and I drank all of it. 

She sat on the bed and fingered herself a little more till she climaxed again. I figured shewasn't done because she gave me this look and pulled all of my clothes from my body. She licked my pussy until I climaxed fourdifferent times. She then fingered my /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy. I couldn't stop myself, I cummed . Emily responded with "Now thats a /good/good-girl/">good girl, now we can be sex buddies. We only have sex with each other but no dating each other." Ithought this was a great idea and so I said "If so then do me more." From hat day on Emily and I ent over to each others houses andfingered, licked, and cummed with each other.